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Things you need to know about reed switches
Time:2021-08-24 16:49:00

Reed switch is a special magnetically sensitive switch which two contacts are made of a special material and is enclosed in a vacuum glass tube. 

Reed switches are classified as normally open type (Form A) and Changeover type (Form C).It is activated by a permanent magnet or current-carrying coil.

For example about normally open type, when it is approached by a magnet, the two nodes of the reed switch are drawn together and the circuit turns on.

Therefore, it can be used as a sensor for counting, limiting, etc. There is a bicycle kilometer meter, which is made up of a magnet glued to the tire and a reed switch fixed on the side.

It is installed on the door and can be used as an alarm and greeting when the door is opened. The reed switch is also used in the production of the "broken wire alarm".

With the features of compact and light, high speed operation, long life and low cost,
reed switches are widely used in household appliances, industrial products, medical devices, toys ,health appliance, security protection, robotics automation and reed relays, etc.


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