Water Leak Detection Sensor
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1. Product Introduction

Water Leak Detection Sensors are widely used in Telecommunication Outdoor Base Stations, Elevator Shafts, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Electric Distributors.

When leakage happen in the above equipment and the 2 electrodes of the sensor are immersed in water at the same time, the sensor will trigger the alarm system with which is connected.


2. Working Media

The sensor can operate in the condutive liquids. However, it will malfunction if used in pure water, distilled water or other non-conductive liquids.


3. Electrical Parameter

 Rated Working Voltage  5V, 12V, 24V AC/DC
 Rated Working Currrent  <30mA
 Relay Load capacity  250VAC,3A;30VDC,3A
 Response Time  <50ms
 Opearating Temperature  -5 ~85ºC


4. Wire Connection

Input Output

 Red:      +VDD Supply Positive
 Brown:  GND  

 Yellow:  COM  Output - Common
 White:   NO     Output - Normal Open
 Blue:      NC     Output - Normal Close


5. Way of Mounting

The sensor is vertically mounted on the surface under detection with its electrodes downwards. 

If minor leakage need to be detected, the electrodes of the sensor is recommended to position in a spongy cushion. The sensor will operate once the spongy cushion absorbs water.

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