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1. Product Introduction


FAST designs and manufactures a wide range of flow sensors and flow switches for the reliable and effective measurements of various liquids and gases. Rugged FAST flow sensors and flow switches will initiate alarm actuation or automatic system shutdown, making them a vital component of any predictive maintenance strategy. FAST flow sensors and flow switches are commonly used in rotating equipment, conveyors, gas sampling and distilling, water purification systems, welders, semiconductor equipment, chemical processing, machine tool and robotics applications.


All FAST flow sensors and flow switches feature high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring their continued performance within challenging environments. Material choices, ranging from stainless steel to engineer plastics, further offer vast chemical compatibility.


Please visit our websites for reference of models available. And we can also provide OEM design and manufacturing for your flow sensing solution. Please contact with our local sales and engineering teams for consulting.


2. Application


2.1 Protect your expensive electronic equipment from coolant flow failure on:

       Laser Heads • Welders • Power Supplies • High Speed Spindles • X-Ray Tubes • Semiconductor Equipment


2.2 Assure proper lubrication flow to critical bearings or gears to prevent system downtime on:

      Presses • Rotating Equipment • Conveyors • Machine Tools • Robotics


2.3 Ensure system integrity in processing and dispensing equipment on:

       Water Purification and Filtering • Beverage Dispensing • Chemical Additives • Gas Sampling • Distilling

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